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Blackout Squad

Outdoor fitness with flavour

About Us

Blackout Squad is a non-profit sports club dedicated to encouraging people of African origin to participate in OCRs and other outdoor fitness events. We first came together in 2016 as a group of OCR newbies scared witless by the unknown challenges of Tough Mudder, but having successfully conquered that, we’ve continued to tackle other events like Rough Runner, Spartan Race, Nuclear Races and more.

Our Manifesto

We believe

  • that improved health is possible no matter what your level of fitness is today
  • that we can achieve more together than we can on our own
  • the gym is not the only way to get in shape

We value

  • effort, not excuses
  • respect, not rudeness
  • camaraderie, not cliquishness
  • banter, not bullying
  • support, not selfishness
  • encouragement, not enforcement
  • Challenge, not comfort

We’re committed to

  • supporting people of African origin to improve their personal health and well-being through group training and individual challenges;
  • increasing the participation and visibility of members of our communities across outdoor fitness events and competitions;
  • challenging negative stereotypes applied against age, gender and culture;
  • supporting charitable causes that benefit our communities;
  • providing a safe, welcoming environment for members to develop positive social relationships.

I want in!


From relaxed fun runs to the most challenging obstacle course races, we participate in events suitable for all fitness levels. Get in touch whether you want to run in a specific event, or aren’t sure where to begin.

How tough is a Tough Mudder?

With the right attitude and preparation, anybody can do a Tough Mudder — yes, even YOU! Watch our video diary to get a taste of what it takes to earn the coveted headband…

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